Joanne Marcus PA

To have the opportunity to work in the medical field has been my calling since childhood. In fact, I come from a family of physicians. In the United Kingdom I was a practicing pharmacist.

In 2006, I became a licensed physician assistant after graduating from the Physicians Assistant (PA) Program at Stanford University School of Medicine. After practicing primary care medicine, I subsequently joined my husband Dr Samuel Marcus where, under his close guidance and supervision, I help him look after his patients suffering from diseases and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and liver. I pride myself in my ability to make patients feel comfortable about discussing with me what to some of them, can be embarrassing and distressing symptoms.

It is not unusual that patients can be quite worried when they are referred to see Dr Marcus. As a PA I am afforded the time to listen closely, discuss, advise, and under the direction of Dr Marcus, recommend the appropriate investigations to help diagnose and manage their complaints.