Samuel N. Marcus M.D., Ph.D.



The Orbera Weight Loss System Transforms Your Body & Your Lifestyle

Orbera offers a minimally-invasive method for losing an average of 20- to 50-pounds in just 12-months or less. That’s three times as fast as the average diet and exercise regime can ever deliver, and at the end of the journey, you’re left with a body that has changed for the better from the inside out.

Being overweight is more than just a health issue; it becomes a crisis of self. From low-self esteem and feeling that nobody ever meets the real you, to the increasing self-doubt that there must be something “wrong”  with you – carrying extra weight on the outside of your body is directly proportional to the emotional and mental weight carried on the inside.

The Obrera Managed Weight Loss System is effective because it treats both sides of the overweight coin. In just one year from the day you start, you’ll have a newer, lighter body – as well as a lighter and brighter outlook on the world.

Obrera is about more than just a weight loss balloon?

The Obrera weight loss balloon is about the size of a grapefruit. It is inserted into your stomach in a deflated state and then filled with a surgical grade saline solution. The space it takes up inside the stomach cavity leaves less room for food. So, each time you eat, you’ll feel full even though you’ll eat notably less at each meal. Over time, it retrains your body’s response to food stimuli and eating.

But the Obrera Weight Loss System is not just a balloon – it is a sustainable system. While the balloon remains in place for six months, you’ll work with a series of health professionals – including your physician, nutritionists, and physiologists to re-set your mental and emotional relationship with food and to work on a customized exercise program geared to your interests and abilities.

In just one year, you’ll notice a significant difference in yourself – one that goes well-beyond physical pounds and ounces.

The 12-Month Orbera Weight Loss Journey will Change Your Life

The Obrera Weight Loss program is designed to take one calendar year. Twelve months is enough time for your body to change its biological patterns, and it also honors the time it takes to get the right information, support, and encouragement to shift your mindset and historical eating patterns.

Step One: Schedule a consult with a highly-trained Orbera physician

Orbera is not a one-size-fits-all weight loss solution, so we only recommend Orbera if we feel you are a good candidate. At your first consultation, we’ll review your personal and family medical history and talk about your previous weight-loss attempts, learning more about what worked and what didn’t. If we feel you are a good candidate, we’ll schedule you for the weight loss balloon to be put in place.

At this point, we’ll also connect you with licensed physiologists and nutritionists. These experts work with you throughout the next 12-months, unwinding the unhealthy patterns that led to weight gain in the past, while charting a new course toward healthier eating habits, an exercise program that inspires you and the emotional support to keep you motivated and on-track.

Step Two: Non-surgical, minimally-invasive insertion of a weight loss balloon

The process for inserting the weight loss balloon into the stomach and inflating it is quick, requiring about 20-minutes, from start to finish. We allow a couple hours afterward to monitor you and for the sedative to wear off, after which you return home.

Step Three: Get to know your new and more balanced self

Throughout the next 12-months, you’ll get to know a new and more balanced You. Not only does this comprehensive weight loss system work by physically restricting potential calorie absorption, the professional support your receive provides the holistic foundation and encouragement required to make permanent lifestyle shifts. This is the only way weight loss remains sustainable for a lifetime.

Let the World Celebrate the Real You!

For those who’ve battled weight gain and/or obesity, excess physical layers are like a blessing and a curse. They create an instant visual from which you are assessed and judged by others, and yet they also become a pseudo-emotional armor of sorts. But it’s time to stop hiding; there is a unique, one-of-a-kind, authentic You waiting to be let out and greet the world.

Isn’t it time you honored yourself by answering that call? Isn’t it time you’re celebrated for who you are, rather than how much you weigh or what you look like? Then embark with us on one of the most important life journeys you’ll ever take.

Contact Dr. Marcus and schedule your Orbera consultation to learn more about the procedure and to determine if this is the right, sustainable weight loss system for you. Dr. Marcus is named one of the Bay Area’s top gastroenterologists for 11-years and counting, and he and his staff are committed to providing you with expert medical care in a sensitive, compassionate manner.